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Mr. & Mrs. Allen are very active in a variety of philanthropic projects including health care delivery, health care research, veterans’ affairs, education, ecology and conservation.


Envision promotes advocacy and independence for those who are blind or low vision. Founded in 1933, Envision is one of the largest employers of individuals with vision loss in the nation. Headquartered in Wichita, kansas, Envision’s mission is to improve the quality of life and provide inspiration for the blind and visually impaired through employment, outreach, rehabilitation, education and research. For more information, visit

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Our mission is to create jobs and to promote the quality of life and independence for the people who are blind and visually impaired in North Texas. All we do, all business that we attract, all support we receive is directed to achieving this mission and to sustaining the ability to deliver services to people who are blind and vision impaired and all others who need us.

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Children’s of Mississippi’s Batson Children’s Hospital is the only medical facility in the state devoted exclusively to the care and treatment of sick and injured children and adolescents. The hospital averages 9,000 admissions a year and nearly 80,000 children are treated in its clinics and emergency room annually. Patients come from all of Mississippi’s 82 counties to receive comprehensive medical care for everything from common childhood illnesses to serious trauma and life-threatening or chronic illnesses.
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BPM’s mission is to build a community of education and activism around plastic pollution. Byempowering Bahamians to contribute to hands on citizen science and environmental leadership,we aim to evolve mindsets and spark cultural practices that will be pivotal in executing changesat the policy level.

World Oceans Day Beach Cleanup-

Plastic Camp Highlight Reel| 2019 Plastic Pollution Education & Ocean Conservation Camp-

Towards a Plastic Free Bahamas PSA |BPM 2019 Plastic Pollution Education Camp-

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Defeating cancer is our sole mission. At Dana-Farber, you not only get a cancer specialist, but you also get a specialist in your particular type of cancer.

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The Aurora Trust was formed by Craig Mullen and Ian Koblick to advance the world’s understanding of the ocean environment, most particularly its marine cultural heritage hidden for thousands of years on the seafloor and to educate the public concerning the historic role the oceans have played in connecting different cultures; its commerce and conflicts.

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Children’s Medical Center Foundation serves as the fundraising arm for Children’s Health System of Texas. The Foundation partners with individual donors, corporations and organizations to help the comprehensive team of physicians, scientists and medical professionals at Children’s fulfill its mission to make life better for children.

Children’s Medical Center Foundation raises, manages and distributes funds to support Children’s Medical Center Dallas, as well as Children’s Medical Center Plano, eight specialty centers, 20 Children’s Health Pediatric Group primary care practices, nine Our Children’s House rehabilitation facilities, home health, physician services and the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern. It does not provide grants to other organizations or individuals.

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The U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets), are a special breed: highly trained, fiercely proud, and quietly effective. They are the unsung heroes of the past and the diplomatic warriors in today’s war on terror. Masters in conducting training and operations with indigenous forces, they conduct the majority of Special Operations counterinsurgency missions.

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